Helmholtz-AAI in 5 min

Sander Apweiler, Marcus Hardt, Uwe Jandt, Andreas Klotz

March 2021


  • Seamless access to cloud services
    • Helmholtz: Services for users at Helmholtz Centres and Partners
    • Be very general => Don’t be limited by specific organisational structure
  • Compatible with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
  • Users can access many federated services
  • With their one account of their home Organisation
  • Support services beyond the browser
    • Delegation (Computing Jobs)
    • REST APIs
    • Shell access

Helmholtz-AAI Key Features


  • EOSC compatible
    • AARC Blueprint Architectures (BPA)
    • AARC Policy Development Kit (PDK)
  • Users supported via
    • DFN-AAI / eduGAIN
    • Social: ORCID + Github + Google
    • Homeless Users: Can easily be supported
  • Works in Production today
    • Ready to include more services
    • Ready to include more Communities
      • E.g. NFDIs


  • Support for multiple means of authorisation (central and de central)
    • Group Membership (aka “Virtual Organisations”)
      • => Managed by Scientists themselves
    • Entitlements from Home-Organisation
      • => Managed by Administration
    • Levels of Assurance: REFEDS Assurance Framework
      • Passport seen, Work-Contract available
      • Uniqueness of the identifier
      • Freshness of attributes
    • Membership in Home-Organisation


Service Integration

Current status

Usage Figures

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